Welcome to www.risingsun.ie, the online website for the Rising Sun School of Karate. On this site you will find all the details necessary to help you travel the road from beginner to black belt. The school was established in 1981 by Sensei Barry O’Regan (JKA 7th Dan). The school teaches the ancient art of karate, in the JKA Shotokan style. Classes run daily at many locations, offering options for after school and/or evening sessions to everybody interested. The school prides itself in creating a safe an nurturing environment for its students.

Karate is a fun activity for children and adults alike. Karate builds fitness and agility, focus and balance, providing increased self confidence, while teaching discipline and respect. Students earn a tremendous achievement with regular training and gradings. This allows movement through each coloured belt level, developing new skills on their way to the ultimate goal... the much coveted Black Belt.

With over 48 years training, Sensei Barry O'Regan has dedicated his adult life to teaching karate. Sensei Barry O'Regan perfects his skill in the art with regular trips to the Japan Karate Association (JKA) HQ in Tokyo, Japan. These trips allow him to study as a student of the worlds foremost experts in karate. His passion and dedication for karate passes to his students during each training session.

Become a Member of our Karate School

Come along for a free class and try karate without any obligation or commitment. We strongly encourage parents to join in during class; an hour training is more enjoyable and much healthier than sitting on the side. New students begin by attending one class per week. Classes run each evening, providing plenty of choice. As students progress towards mid-level grades, training increases to two sessions per week. Advanced students attend as many training sessions as possible. This will maximise the potential of a successful black belt grading.

Evening Class Locations