Many of the techniques in Karate-Do have a self defence application. During the course of your Karate-Do training you will be taught how to avoid situations and react under pressure.

Rising Sun School of Karate will hold specialised self-defence classes with special guest instructors which will teach practical self defence techniques and how to handle certain situations. These classes will be advertised on this website and will only open to limited numbers. So watch this space and book early.

If you would be interested in taking part in a self-defence seminar please email or call 0867222779

Is Karate-Do an Effective Self-Defence?

Karate is the ultimate in unarmed self-defence. It is designed to disable with one move; it has techniques against all forms of attack and has been developed through centuries of harsh experience. Most importantly, it trains the mental and emotional skills of combat, as well as the physical. Strength and size are not important in Karate - it can be performed well with whatever strength you have, by relying on technique, speed and co-ordination. Karate teaches you how to avoid possible confrontations - it is far better to de-fuse or to avoid a dangerous situation than to confront it. .

Some Self-Defence Tips

The most effective self-defence technique is learning how to avoid trouble and danger. These are just helpful tips to watch out for but are not designed as a complete replacement to Karate-Do training which over years of training will teach you to be aware of your surroundings and to be able to defend yourself.

General Tips

  • If you see danger ahead or coming your way, change your route and be prepared to run or defend yourself.
  • Do not flash expensive jewellery, money or expensive mobile phones when walking alone.
  • Do not hitchhike ever! Use busses or taxis instead.
  • Dont show fear or intimidation.

Public Transport

  • Remember safety in numbers. Wait in a coffee shop or in well lit area where there are lots of people.
  • Always choose an aisle seat ready for a quick exit
  • If using transport at night make sure to sit where there are most people, if possible sit near the driver


  • Always approach your car with your key in your hand ready to open fast.
  • Always lock your car while you are in it. Most cars will have central locking and can be either activated by a specific button or by locking the driver door from the inside.
  • Always check your car before entering.
  • Never pull over if an aggresser is following you, do not stop and if you have a mobile phone, call 999 (112 International Emergency Number works in all countries). Remember you can still dial 999 if your keypad is locked.
  • Never leave your car unlocked, even if you see an accident lock your car if you get out, many car jackings or thefts are done using an accident lure, it could be two people fighting.


  • Always check the driver identification and make sure its the same driver
  • Always order taxis from a proper company, if you are in a bar you can ask the bar person to call a taxi for you, it makes it easier to trace the driver.

Walking or Jogging

  • If you have car trouble and have to walk for help, always walk against the traffic so you can see what is coming
  • Regularly change your routines
  • While walking look at houses on your route and remember where they are as they could be safe houses if you have an emergency
  • Be Alert and dont use walkmans or earphones.