Grading to the next black belt

DAN Beltspng

There are 10 Kyu and 10 Dan in JKA karate. To obtain certification for each rank, you must fulfil the certification requirements and complete the testing procedure. Typically, grading take place 3 times per year. In order to be eligible for testing, students must first have gained the appropriate amount of continuous training experience at their current rank. 

As students develop their skill and techniques at their current rank, they will be invited to their next grading examination. To successfully pass the examination and progress to their next grade, JKA students must demonstrate exceptional skill and near flawless execution of a prescribed set of techniques in kihon, kata and kumite. 

Students of the Rising Sun School of Karate are independently examined for Dan grades by a panel of instructors authorised as JKA technical examiners in accordance with the JKA Dan grading prerequisites and designated testing locations.

JKA DAN Grading Syllabus